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Traqueur de bogues de la communauté Moodle

Voici une liste de problèmes connus dans Moodle pour la version 2.8.6:

T Key Summary P Status Created Updated
Bug MDL-43816 Glossary Full Text Search throws ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small Critical Reopened janv. 22, 2014 mars 30, 2016
Bug MDL-40613 LDAP Sync User Profile Major Reopened juil. 09, 2013 sept. 15, 2017
Bug MDL-41957 Filepicker (or any dialogue) not responsive when you resize the window Major Open sept. 24, 2013 févr. 16, 2017
Bug MDL-47168 Navigation block items not read as links or expandable to screen readers Major Open sept. 08, 2014 juin 05, 2017
Bug MDL-45378 PDF Annotations Are Not Deleted Upon Cancel and Needs Grading Count is Reduced Major Open mai 01, 2014 mai 23, 2016
Bug MDL-53233 Highlighting text when editing page causes page to lose focus Major Open févr. 24, 2016 févr. 24, 2016
Bug MDL-52482 Poor performance on Moodle User Log report using Standard Log Major Open déc. 10, 2015 mai 23, 2016
Bug MDL-52274 With workflow and groups enabled in assignment, only the submitter can see the grading Major Open nov. 23, 2015 avr. 29, 2016
Bug MDL-52601 Group submission: Grading table shows grades and feedback comments from old attempt Major Open déc. 23, 2015 avr. 05, 2016
Bug MDL-52578 Activity weight set to 0 on creation Major Open déc. 21, 2015 mai 23, 2016
Bug MDL-52319 Failed environment.xml check does not prevent plugin from being installed Major Open nov. 26, 2015 oct. 20, 2016
Bug MDL-49202 Checking "Hidden" in grade item settings does not hide the item from student, at the same time selecting "Hide" from dropdown on the setup page does Major Open févr. 13, 2015 sept. 01, 2017
Bug MDL-49417 Cohort enrollment screen no longer searchable Major Reopened mars 06, 2015 janv. 16, 2017
Bug MDL-51477 Calculated multiple choice questions: {} in TeX does not work because it is used for question variables Major Open sept. 21, 2015 déc. 07, 2016
Bug MDL-50910 Moving between Natural to Weighed Mean aggregation methods should migrate weights Major Reopened juil. 23, 2015 août 02, 2015
Bug MDL-51709 Single view has a set title for the user name in grade view Major Open oct. 09, 2015 mai 08, 2016
Bug MDL-51364 Taking a manual course backup does not backup user data Major Open sept. 09, 2015 sept. 15, 2015
Bug MDL-51327 Unzipped Embedded Files Disappear when Topic is Saved Major Open sept. 04, 2015 mars 17, 2016
Bug MDL-51183 If a course has blocks which have had Guest and/or Authenticated user roles removed, when backed up and restored, the new course retains those removed roles Major Open août 21, 2015 sept. 10, 2015
Bug MDL-51070 Badges criteria strings use concatenation Major Open août 10, 2015 oct. 11, 2016
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