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Traqueur de bogues de la communauté Moodle

Voici une liste de problèmes connus dans Moodle pour la version 2.8.6:

T Key Summary P Status Created Updated
Bug MDL-43816 Glossary Full Text Search throws ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small Critical Reopened janv. 22, 2014 mars 30, 2016
Bug MDL-52578 Activity weight set to 0 on creation Major Open déc. 21, 2015 mai 23, 2016
Bug MDL-52319 Failed environment.xml check does not prevent plugin from being installed Major Open nov. 26, 2015 oct. 20, 2016
Bug MDL-52274 With workflow and groups enabled in assignment, only the submitter can see the grading Major Open nov. 23, 2015 avr. 29, 2016
Bug MDL-52601 Group submission: Grading table shows grades and feedback comments from old attempt Major Open déc. 23, 2015 avr. 05, 2016
Bug MDL-52169 Rollup of Multilanguage Fixes for Moodle Major Open nov. 16, 2015 déc. 13, 2016
Bug MDL-52170 Rollup of WCAG 2.0/Accessibility fixes for Moodle Major Open nov. 16, 2015 déc. 13, 2016
Bug MDL-51876 Weighted Grades: Default weight for new categories is 0 (zero) and not 1 Major Open oct. 22, 2015 mai 23, 2016
Bug MDL-52093 Deletion of scale causes outcomes error Major Open nov. 10, 2015 nov. 23, 2015
Bug MDL-51726 Users with expired enrollment vanish from gradebook Major Open oct. 12, 2015 oct. 12, 2015
Bug MDL-52482 Poor performance on Moodle User Log report using Standard Log Major Open déc. 10, 2015 mai 23, 2016
Bug MDL-52052 Import grades with an empty identifier causes bad upload but it doesn’t show error message Major Open nov. 06, 2015 déc. 01, 2015
Bug MDL-53233 Highlighting text when editing page causes page to lose focus Major Open févr. 24, 2016 févr. 24, 2016
Bug MDL-51928 Deprecate ADODB MySQL driver - it calls functions that no longer exist in PHP7 Major Open oct. 27, 2015 févr. 09, 2017
Bug MDL-51327 Unzipped Embedded Files Disappear when Topic is Saved Major Open sept. 04, 2015 mars 17, 2016
Bug MDL-50808 Outcomes don't work on links created in a version previous that 2.8 Major Open juil. 09, 2015 sept. 09, 2016
Bug MDL-50627 Using the multimedia filter sets theme up for output.. Major Open juin 17, 2015 août 13, 2015
Bug MDL-51709 Single view has a set title for the user name in grade view Major Open oct. 09, 2015 mai 08, 2016
Bug MDL-51070 Badges criteria strings use concatenation Major Open août 10, 2015 oct. 11, 2016
Bug MDL-50910 Moving between Natural to Weighed Mean aggregation methods should migrate weights Major Reopened juil. 23, 2015 août 02, 2015
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