Immersion Oil

Very important component. Mostly used for oil immersion objectives, the refractive index should match the RI of glass from the coverslip and the objectives used. Different types or grades are available A (Low viscosity), B (high viscosity), N, F, FF (for fluorescence) etc... as well as different viscosity. Because the refractive index (and viscosity) vary with the temperature you should buy immersion oil matching the room temperature. Usually 23C but you could also need 30C and 37C.

To date Cargille provide the best options


  • Cargille Immersion Oil type FF #16212, 16 oz (473mL), 94$, 0.2$/mL RI=1.48
  • Cargille Immersion Oil type HF #16245, 16 oz (473mL), 94$, 0.2$/mL RI=1.51
  • Cargille Immersion Oil type LDF #16241, 16 oz (473mL), 94$, 0.2$/mL RI = 1.51

Extremely low fluorescence is achieved by Type LDF and Type HF. Type FF is virtually fluorescence-free, though not ISO compliant. Type HF is slightly more fluorescent than Type LDF, but is halogen-free.


  • MOIL-30 Olympus Type F, 30mL, $84, 2.8$/mL
  • MOIL-20LN Leica Type N, 20mL, $75, 3.75$/mL
  • OILCL30 Cargille Type LDF, 30mL, $28, 1.1$/mL RI=1.51
  • MOIL-10LF Leica Type F, 10mL, $59, 5.9$/mL


Edmund Optics

Lens Cleaner

Use a lens cleaner to clean objective lenses from oil.


Tiffen is a great product designed for camera lenses but it works great for microscope optics as well

Edmund Optics

  • Lens Cleaner #54-828 (8oz, 236mL) 14$; 6 cts/mL
  • Purosol #57-727 (4oz, 115mL), 29$, 25 cts/mL

Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus, Leica

  • Home made recipe: 85% n-hexane analytical grade, 15% isopropanol analytical grade

Lens tissue

Edmund Optics

  • Lens Tissue #60-375 500 sheets 36$ 7cts/sheet 


  • Lens Tissue #MC-50E 1250 sheets 93$ 7.6cts/sheet


  • Lens Tissue #EK1546027T 250 sheets 112$ 44cts/sheet

Liquid light guides


  • 3mm core diameter, 1.5m length sold by Digikey #1601-805-00038-ND 682$


  • 3mm core diameter, 1.2m length #LLG03-4H 410$
  • 3mm core diameter, 1.8m length #LLG03-6H 490$

Edmund Optics

  • 3 mm core diameter, 1.8m length #53-689 3mm 700$
  • Adapters available #66-905

Microscope world

  • Liquid Light Guide 3mm core diameter, 1.5m length #805-00038 445$


AVH Technologies

HXP R 120W/45C 780$


XP R 120 W/45 #69119

Others consumables

  • Cotton swab
  • Absorbent polyester swabs for cleaning optical components, Alpha, Clean Foam or Absorbond series TX743B) from
  • Rubber Blower GTAA 1900 from Giottos